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Our Values

Fundamental research has intrinsic value
We want people to be excited about research, not just because it might improve their lives, but because they feel part of the journey of discovery.

Having this feeling requires genuine understanding.

Therefore, for us, sharing research effectively requires more than just creating the thought that “clever researchers are doing important things”. It means creating the thought that “ahh, wow, I get it”. It requires situations where someone can ask “hmm, but what if this happens?” and find out the answer, ideally themselves.
Research thrives when new insights are widely understood, critically examined, and easily found by other researchers.
Therefore, for us, sharing research effectively with other researchers means more than just a document and a talk. It means breaking the research down to make initial digestion easier. It means discussion and interaction.

It means shared questioning, speculation and scrutiny. And it means storing all this shared insight in ways that make it rediscoverable by those who want it, when they want it.

Shaun’s Story

Effective Research Sharing exists because I want to have fun while doing something I think is meaningful.
I first became a researcher because I wanted to understand the universe at as fundamental a level as possible.
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I still do. I drifted away from doing research myself for two reasons. Selfishly, even though I enjoy doing research, I never wanted to specialise. I always wanted to try to understand things as widely as possible. And more generally, in a very competitive field, it was never clear to me that my own research was adding much additional value beyond what would be added by anyone else in the same job. Overall, the research community would be unchanged.

I tried instead to find some paths where I can still spend my time immersed in fundamental research, but where I would feel like I was also adding real value.

Most research is not easily translated to someone who is not an active researcher in the same field. We give public talks and write ‘popular’ articles but that doesn’t really share a genuine understanding of the research. I wanted to find ways to bring that genuine understanding, and therefore genuine value, to non-researchers. They are the people ultimately funding most fundamental research and therefore they should own some of the value it generates too.

Although the methods we use to do research are always improving, the format of papers, talks and conferences hasn’t changed much for decades, if not nearly a century. However, research progress thrives when ideas are widely shared, understood and scrutinised. So, I wanted to play a part in finding better ways for researchers to communicate with each other.

These paths led me to start Effective Research Sharing.

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